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He’s almost home. Maybe.

Andrew is back in the U.S., but he’s not yet home. He was one of the last people to leave. Quite a few of the people who left PA with him 9 months ago have been home for a week, two weeks, or more. And now he sits, doing absolutely nothing, waiting for a few more people to finish their admin, so that he can leave. Nobody knows yet when he will leave… (not that I would write it here even if I did know, but I legitimately do not know).

He’s frustrated. The guys are frustrated. Morale is below zero at this point.

I tried to watch the MTV Video Music Awards… not because I cared, but because they’re always entertaining in their ridiculousness. But I couldn’t. All I kept thinking about were the 200 men and women, sitting on bunks, with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs, wanting nothing else but to get home. And I kept thinking about an acquaintance’s fiance, who is currently in Afghanistan, and who has now lost at least 3 of his best friends in his unit.

Newspapers, bloggers, news radio, and television news¬† are spilling millions of words on whether or not Miley Cyrus has lost her mind. Trillions of words, probably. Dear media, I am not at all sorry to say that I don’t give a crap about Miley, her twerking ability, her lack of live singing skills, whether or not she is deranged, who thought the bear thing was a good idea, whether or not she’s still engaged, or the Beetlejuice-suit-wearing, consent-disliking singer she was twerking with.

What I would like is for one of you to spend ten minutes spilling some ink on the people who earn us the freedom to care about what shenanigans Miley Cyrus is getting into.


Also, Army, send him home.



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